waxy hair

Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy After Using a Shampoo Bar?

Keeping your hair clean is an important part of maintaining your hygiene. The most preferred product used to keep your hair clean is a shampoo. Regular shampoos that we use on a day to day basis are packaged in plastic bottles. When the shampoo is used up, these bottles end […]

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make fake nails look real

Know how to make fake nails look real and good

Nails are very important feature that makes the fingers look stylish and attractive. People find it difficult when they come to know that they have bitten up their nails and they have to attend any function during that time. Artificial nails are useful in bringing elegance to hands and avoiding […]

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cover bruises

What is remedy for hiding bruises in the body?

Most of people love to watch Olympic matches where many players struggle to win the game and while struggling there are many chances to get bruises. Especially when it comes to boxing players would get bruises all over the body in hand, arms, legs and even in face. Many can […]

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