Keeping your hair clean is an important part of maintaining your hygiene. The most preferred product used to keep your hair clean is a shampoo. Regular shampoos that we use on a day to day basis are packaged in plastic bottles. When the shampoo is used up, these bottles end up in landfills, causing harm to nature.

With all the buzz with going all-natural in order to do our bit in saving nature, many people have started shifting to natural options to carry out day to day activities and shampoo is one of them. Some shampoos come packaged in recycled bottles or biodegradable bottles, but the best option is to replace your shampoo with an all-natural shampoo bar. the waxy hair

A solid shampoo bar cleans your hair just like the commercial shampoos, but better. These chemical-laden shampoos strip away the natural oils from your scalp, while a natural shampoo bar cleanses your hair without stripping away the oils. It takes some getting used to while using shampoo bars because we are so accustomed to liquid, chemical shampoos. Initially, many people say that their hair starts feeling waxy after using a shampoo bar, and stop using it thereafter to avoid the waxy feeling. Bear in mind that your hair needs time to adjust to the natural ingredients and goes through a transition period where it may feel waxy. But once your hair adjusts to the shampoo bar, your hair won’t feel waxy.

The transition period is characterized by waxy feeling hair, where the chemical build up on your hair becomes apparent but slowly recedes to reveal your natural hair. In this period your hair is adjusting to the product and regulating its oil secretion. Once you get over the waxy feeling, there’s no turning back, as you will realize just how good a shampoo bar is for you. But there are some cons of using a shampoo bar that you should know, although they shouldn’t discourage you from using one.

Difficulties with shampoo bars:

  • Can initially make your hair feel heavy, greasy, and waxy.
  • Need to store it in a proper container.
  • Can be messy to use.

When you introduce anything new to your body, it needs time to adjust to the change and accept it. Use the shampoo bar for a long period of time, to finally make up your mind on the product, as the first few uses are not enough to make up your mind.