Most of people love to watch Olympic matches where many players struggle to win the game and while struggling there are many chances to get bruises. Especially when it comes to boxing players would get bruises all over the body in hand, arms, legs and even in face. Many can think how to cover bruises on a body?

Often women players would feel like embarrassing to join any functions, family get together and friends’ reunion with bruise in the body. This made the people to search remedy for hiding bruises in their body but to the surprise one easily cover up their bruises by having proper makeup. Many people can think how it is possible to cover the bruises with help of makeup? But as an open statement makeup can cover up bruises and make hide from other eyes. It is considered to be best trick to hide bruises in occasional manner.

hiding bruises

Different ways of makeup used to cover bruises:

There are several types of materials and products used in make up among all which product can be used to cover a bruise on arm and other part of body. Although there are several products available in the makeup market only few products can be used for cover up of bruises in the body which are listed below.

  • Concealer and Foundation
  • Cream Palette Color Correction
  • Lipstick

Concealer and foundation: while doing this method of process the people should know how to apply foundation cream all over the body? In order to cover up a bruise on leg or hand or whole body as first thing the foundation cream should be applied in even manner. While doing so the foundation cream blends with skin color and provides even tone to the skin since it is a hardcore in blending.

There are some cases where people would have high bruises in those times it is better to use heavy foundation along with heavy concealer. Since there are several brands are available in foundation and concealer so it is better to choose sweat proof products which helps your to have make up stands for whole day.

Cream Palette Color Correction: the bruises may be in different color tone if it is a purple toned bruise then you can cover them using yellow concealer. Likewise if it is red bruises then use green concealer and if it is yellowish you can use peach concealer. It does not meant that using concealer would completely cover up the bruise next to that you have to cover concealer with matching palette colors. While doing so you must be careful about place you cover if it is in neck it should be lighter than face tone, if it in leg or arms then the palette coloring should be darker.

Lipstick: the people who are not comfortable with foundation cream and color palettes can use lipstick to cover bruises. It is simpler to use red colored lipstick along with your usual concealer which you use daily for makeup. Moreover using lipstick is the easiest way of hiding bruises in face or in body. The only think is you need to have red color lipstick or peach color as substitute to it.